4 Offenders of Sensitive Teeth

Avoid these if you experience pain in your teeth.

Enemy #1: Cold Stuff

Thought you’d drown your sensitive-teeth worries in a pint of ice cream? Think again. Your enamel is like a coat that shields the dentine when frosty treats hit the tooth surface and when it’s worn down, cold stuff really hurts. Even breathing in cold air can lead to that unexpected feeling of sensitivity pain in your teeth.

Enemy #2: Hot Stuff

Just as you wouldn’t want to have boiling-hot water splashed on your skin, your teeth can’t handle hot temperature liquids when your enamel is worn down.

Enemy #3: Acidic Stuff

Do you love citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles and wine? Your teeth don’t. Acid wears away at your enamel, making them more sensitive than ever.

Enemy #4: Sweet Stuff

Another acid culprit is sugar. The bacteria in your mouth love sugar, and the more of it you eat, the more acid they make. We know many people have a sweet tooth, but some of the worst offenders to avoid are fizzy drinks, some sports drinks and juice.