Tips for preventing tooth decay in children

Last Updated August 2021

Struggling to get your children to keep up with their oral care routine? Here are some tips that can help!

TRICK #1: Get Fancy, Fun Brushes and Kid-Friendly Rinse Flavours

These days you can find all sorts of kid-friendly brushes in bright colours and covered with favourite movie and television-show characters. LISTERINE® SMART RINSE is available in two kid-friendly flavours.

TRICK #2: Sing A Song

Play a fun game where you sing the song your child selects while they brush, floss and rinse. The only catch is they have to keep up with the routine the whole time!

TRICK #3: Calendar Games

Reward them with an enticing prize. Turn it into a contest so that the length of time of consecutive brushing earns your child a bigger prize -give your child a toy they really want after 14 days of twice-daily brushing and rinsing!

TRICK #4: Tell a Tooth Story

Explain why it is important to brush and rinse and make animated motions when describing the sugar bugs that can make holes in our teeth if we don't brush and rinse them away. Turn your child into a superhero, complete with a cape, who fights off those sugar bugs in their mouth attacking their teeth!