5 Ways to Soothe Sensitive Teeth

1. Ease up your brushing technique.

Sensitive teeth need extra care. The harder you brush, the higher your chances of abrasion to the tooth surface are. Even if your teeth start feeling better, it’s important to keep brushing them gently with a soft bristled tooth brush. Brush gently and carefully around the gum line so you do not remove more gum tissue.

2. Watch your diet.

Be careful not to eat too many highly acidic foods such as oranges and lemons, as they can gradually dissolve tooth enamel and lead to dentin exposure. Such foods may also aggravate the sensitivity and start the pain reaction.

3. Maintain good oral hygiene.

To ensure you have a good oral care regime, be sure to follow proper brushing and flossing techniques to thoroughly clean all parts of your teeth and mouth. Add a mouthwash into your daily routine to help treat sensitive teeth, such as LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Sensitive.

4. Look for toothpaste with a little TLC.

Break up with your favourite mint-flavoured paste and look for something with a softer side, like a paste with fluoride. With regular use you can notice a decrease in sensitivity.

5. Don’t be a hero.

Are you experience sensitive teeth pains? If so, stop waiting, and head to a dentist. Your dentist can offer hygiene instructions and fluoride treatments.