How To Have Stronger Teeth

Add to your dentist-clean-at-home checklist by incorporating a swift and powerful benefits-packed twice-daily swish.

Tooth Truth

52% - That's how much more plaque you remove with rinsing instead of brushing and flossing alone

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Protecting Teeth When You Wear Braces

Tooth Truth

Wait 30 Minutes After You Rinse To Eat Or Drink

Mouth Facts

3 Tips For Protecting Your Teeth
<h2>Choose your LISTERINE®</h2> <p>LISTERINE® mouthwashes protect from bad-breath germs for up to 12 hours, for long lasting fresh breath*.</p> <p><span class="small-text">*not valid for non-alcohol variants, Listerine Advanced White or Listerine Advanced Defence</span></p>